Hosting Reseller

Web Hosting services have reached a new arena, where every business owner and service provider are constantly on the look for better ways to gain more benefits with less investments. To meet the demands of constantly evolving web hosting technologies, clients are turning their heads towards becoming Hosting Reseller for the website hosting services. In case the client is interested in offering hosting services rather than availing it for his own benefits, then he can easily act as a hosting reseller and facilitate more people to get his services.

Hosting Resellers price these reseller domains more than the ideal ones cost, because they offer it in smaller packs to the clients and earn some extra income. So in case you need a small web hosting plan then go for a hosting reseller, but when you need to grow further make sure to opt for direct web hosting services from a website hosting service provider and avail cheap reliable facilities.

Within a domain reseller account the clients get reseller hosting facilities, as well as the other resources allotted for that account. In reseller web hosting clients get to become website hosts in order to gain some quick bucks. Domain resellers are capable of functioning, for separate domains, under varied combination of web hosting services. It depends on the service provider with whom the client is affiliated as a reseller.

These webhosting reseller accounts may vary from each other in size, they can have own dedicated server to a collocated server. Few of the hosting resellers even offer identical services like the hosting provider’s shared hosting plans, providing technical support at their end.

Most of the hosting reseller are renting their resources like, domains, disk space, memory, RAM and CPU usages to a certain extent to their clients, in case their hosting provider doesn’t allow them to rent the complete server and resources that belong to it.


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Web hosting reseller accounts at Reseller Hosting are equipped with round the clock support facilities. When customers feel anything going wrong with their reseller hosting services, our experts route the queries to the web host and solve them ASAP.


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Development work for reseller hosting plans are usually done at the reseller’s end, as he buys the web hosting services and then fragment them as per his business needs, according to the type and size of business his customer are in to.


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The strategy at any reseller web hosting plan is to earn some extra income through web hosting, without bothering about the burden of maintaining a web hosting server, maintenance or other related jobs that come with web hosting. It’s very simple, you buy web hosting services sell them with a profit and at times of technical trouble, your web host is the one taking care of it.

Hosting Reseller

Hosting Reseller is meant to offer, small web hosting plans for businesses, which he bought from any website hosting service provider. These reseller hosting plans cost higher than the regular hosting packs, but their only advantage is they are customizable even for the smallest business needs that can’t be aligned with a regular hosting plan.

Domain Reseller

Domain Reseller services include, renting domains to clients by a reseller. Here the client avails the resources that are allowed with that specific domain and enjoy the advantages without coughing up a hefty sum for an entire web hosting pack.